Marvel Goes Same Day Digital

Holy snap, ladies and gents.

The other digital shoe has finally dropped. Or… digitized?

I need to stop getting hung up on creative figurative language use.


Marvel Comics has announced Same Day Digital comic releases. For those unfamiliar with the term, historically (as far as the short history of digital purchasable comics goes ) there has been a delay between the time that comic issues release in stores and when you can purchase them online.

A significant reason for this is to create a situation where comic book retailers are not directly competing with app stores for new releases. The comic industry, however, has been very aware of the exponentially growing market for comics on mobile devices and the potential for even greater revenue from the digital beast.

The change, which Marvel announced yesterday at their San Diego Comic Con panel on Digital Comics, is not unprecedented – a number of publishers had already adopted this method (DC announced they would make the switch alongside their reboot in September).

I guess this was an inevitable evolution in the industry, but I imagine direct market retailers won’t be happy. Unless comic retail shops find a way to tap into the digital market themselves,  it’s very possible that in the coming years we see the number of direct market stores shrink considerably.

Marvel begins it’s same day digital releases with Amazing Spider-Man next, and with continue switching over through October and November with Wolverine & the X-Men and Uncanny X-Men.

-Posted by Kevin de Vlaming

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